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Ava Development Society

Ava Development Society is National Non-Political, Non-Profitable, Non-Government, Voluntary and Social Organization


Mission of the organization: The main mission of Ava development society is to form organization of the poor, disable, landless, marginalized and indigenous men and women in order to integrate them in the process of socio-economic development ventures for their self-sufficiency and authentic development. 

Vision of the organization: Ava development society believes in the service of human beings for their total (Socio-economic, Cultural, Political and Spiritual) development. Therefore, it gives priority to the poor, oppressed, marginalized and deprived group of people of the society for their advancement so to establish their human dignity, values and social justice in the community of rural Bangladesh. 




     Background of the organization

Bangladesh is poverty-stricken country and the main causes of poverty are it’s over population, unemployment, lack of education and awareness 

and finally, socio- political injustices which have caused mass socio-economic poor condition of the nation.

Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions are the poorer than the other divisions. Consequently, the population of these areas occasionally becomes the victims of 

natural calamities such as: Drought, Floods, Heavy Rain Falls, River Erosion, Common Diseases etc. Due to this, the people of these areas are 


in bad condition. Illiteracy, Unemployment, Unawareness, Mal-nutrition and in healthy situation are prevailing all over the areas. As a result, majority 

of the people live in below living standard. Besides, the gender situation is also not good due to social mal-practices. Majority of the women section 

are abused and tortured mentally and physically. On the other side, most of the children are mal-nourished and sometimes become victims of trafficking and 

child labor.

By observing and understanding all the above stated miserable conditions and realities several enthusiastic, energetic and social minded young men 

came forward to volunteer. Their services for the needy people and established an Organization named “AVA DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY” as on January 


     Nature of the organization

Ava development society is a National Non-political, Non-Profitable, Non-Government, Voluntary and Social Organization for the service of poor majority 

of the rural areas of the country.

AVA DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY has been registered with the following Government Departments:

a.    NGO Related Bureau: Reg. No: 2557, Date- 04/04/2010.

b.     Social Welfare Department: Natore, Reg. No: Nat-410/04, Date: 13/05/2004. 

c.     Joint Stock Company: Reg. No: Raj-S-256, Date: 21/06/2009.

d.    Microcredit Regulatory Authority: Reg. No: 05305-00792-00470, Date: 17/01/2010. 

Village: Gopalpur, Post office: Gopalpur (6420)

Upazila: Lalpur, District: Natore

Country: Bangladesh

Phone: +8801711453753